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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Why are there some car rental offers on the internet which are cheaper than our prices of OK Motors?

Often these bargain offers are misleading, in order to get the reservation.
When the customer arrives at the car rental desk, he is faced with a lot of extra fees, surcharges, insurances and taxes, which had not been mentioned before. If these charges are not paid, the customer does not receive the vehicle. In contrast, our rental charges are all-inclusive, insurances and taxes are part of the advertised price.

May another person, who did not rent the car, also drive?

If somebody else wants to drive the car, he (she) should pass by our rental station with driving license and passport in order to get registered and to be to included in the insurance.
We don’t charge an extra fee for the registration of additional drivers.

What sort of documents do I need in order to rent a car?

You need a valid driver’s license (national or international), and your passport. We never retain any of your documents, but return them immediately.

May I drive the car to Haiti?

No, it is not permitted to leave the Dominican Republic with the vehicle.

Can I return the car outside the business hours?

Yes, there are several options. As the need arises we will look what works out best for you.

How is the situation with theft?

Vehicle theft is not  a very frequent occurrence in the Dominican Republic. Don’t leave your valuables in the car though, as this might encourage burglary. The loss of your personal belongings is not covered by the car insurance.

What should I do in the case of a breakdown?

All our cars are well maintained in our own workshop, and it is very rare that one of them breaks down while rented. Call us immediately if the vehicle has a problem, and we will do our best to fix the issue as soon as possible, or exchange the car.
If you have a puncture, often some friendly Dominicans will offer to change the wheel, expecting a small tip.
Never order a repair of the rented car without consulting us beforehand.

How to react in the case of a Police interaction?

The car documents are in the glove box. If there are misunderstandings because of the language, you can call us, and we will translate. While you are driving the car, you must carry your original driver’s license (not a copy) with you, you are obliged to use the seat belts and you are not allowed to use the cell phone.