The largest local Car Rental Company on the north coast of the Dominican Republic !

About us

OK Motors Rent-a-car is the largest local Car Rental Company on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

We have over 30 years of experience in car rental business and operate as a Local Independent company with strong emphasis on Customer Service and low rates.

OK Motors prides itself of providing a highly professional, seamless car rental experience. We don’t just want to be different from other car rental companies — we want to give you such excellent service, that you will return every time you need a car in the Dominican Republic, and recommend us to your friends.

The pick-up and return of our rental car is swift and hassle-free.

Our vehicles are covered with full, comprehensive insurance, so there is no need for a formal check in and check out process.

When you receive the car, we will show you the location of the tools and car documents, and if you need explanations about the operating mode, we will be happy to give you instructions.

When you return the car, you just give us back the keys, and you are done. No looking for scratches in the car’s paintwork, no crawling under the vehicle inspecting the underbody for defects, no annoying discussions about the cost of repairs of damages which may not have been caused by you.

We don’t take a deposit or guarantee when you rent a car with us, we don’t block a certain amount on your credit card account, and we will never retain your passport or any other document. We just make your car rental experience as smooth as it can be.

Our team of friendly and competent people is ready to help make your rental experience enjoyable.

All of our cars are maintained in our own garage.This way we can ensure that you get a well maintained car to enjoy your rental.